Morey fires a shot back at Kerr

Morey fires a shot back at Kerr

Steve Kerr talked about deceptions as a new trend in the NBA, and we immediately recognized James Harden and the Rockets in those comments. If there was any doubt we were wrong, Daryl Morey just confirmed we were right. 

To remind you, Kerr talked about how players today use more and more deception to create contact and fabricate fouls outside the natural flow of the game. He added it’s a pity we spend time talking about refs when two great teams are playing competitive basketball. Then Daryl Morey tweeted this.

LOL. I don’t use twitter almost at all, but I do check up on Morey every once in a while if nothing else, for the comedy value. Have to say, Morey is right on this one. Steve Kerr doesn’t have the high horse when it comes to reacting to referee decisions. So, point Morey. 

Still, in the grand scheme of things, I gotta side with Kerr on this one. This is a flaw in the all-out analytics approach. Yes, free throws are a high percentage shot IF YOU GET THE WHISTLE.

That’s not a given and the downside for such an approach you start to whine about every call. Next thing you know it backfires; referees and fans just get annoyed by you and create an environment where you don’t get some of the calls you should’ve because you got so many you shouldn’t have. 

So for everyone saying the media is overblowing and over covering the refereeing aspect, I would like to direct you to @dmorey on Twitter.