MORE HILLARIOUS THAN EVER Shaq showcases his personal life in TNT’s docuseries ‘Shaq Life’

MORE HILLARIOUS THAN EVER Shaq showcases his personal life in TNT’s docuseries ‘Shaq Life’

Global basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal, four-time NBA champion, in his relaxed and casual style, showcases all of his off-court abilities and accomplishments in a new documentary series ‘Shaq’s Life,’ produced by TNT. The series, which gives an inside perspective on Shaq and his family life, is labeled as ‘an exclusive, no holds barred look into how the world’s largest superstar lives his life.

The series premiere episode aired on April 9th, 2019, giving the viewers an inside look at what precisely the NBA superstar, with an astonishing 19-year career behind him, is doing these days. Many of us remember the Hall-of-Famer as a dominating force for early 2000s Los Angeles Lakers squads on which he joined forces with Kobe Bryant on their way to three NBA championships rings (2000-2002).

Shaq is still the dominant force, but not anymore matched up with the leading NBA big man. These days, he instead prefers playing on a 7’7” tall basket while dominating his teenage kids and their friends!

Shaq was never a stranger to movies and TV shows – his most unique humor and appearance made him an instant star in Ron Shelton’s 1994 basketball movie ‘Blue Chips,’ the 1994 video game ‘Shaq Fu,’ 1996 film ‘Kazaam’ and a superhero in 1997 movie ‘DC’s Steel.’ After appearing in 2005 ESPN’s TV series ‘Shaquille’ and 2007 ABC’s reality television show ‘Shaq’s Big Challenge,’ Shaq also appeared in the 2020 Netflix TV show ‘Tiger King.’

In the most recent episode of the ‘Shaq Life,’ Shaq showcased his last year’s trip to Croatia, beautiful land of 1000 Adriatic sea islands, delicious food, and vine. Shaq had a great time on the island of Pag, where the 7’1” World’s biggest D.J. performed and astonished the crowd under his artistic nickname DIESEL.

But, in Shaq’s mind Croatia is also known for it’s many NBA players and legends, among them legendary shooting guard Drazen Petrovic, whom Shaq Diesel mentioned in a rap song from 1993, and Dino Rađa, the power forward Shaq once, while still with the Orlando Magic, expressed the desire to play together.

Each episode of the ‘Shaq life’ is narrated by a Hollywood icon – Samuel L. Jackson! The show will air on TNT every Thursday at 9 p.m., and it will also be available at fuboTV. After each episode, TNT will be donating an amount to a charitable organization chosen by Shaq’s guest.

This hilarious around the Earth trip with one and only Shaq, who is also opening his massive $22 million mansion for viewers, is just a perfect choice to spend your time away from the coronavirus pandemic.