MJ WAS ASKED ABOUT HIS SPACE JAM 2 HEIR and LeBron can’t be happy with his response

MJ WAS ASKED ABOUT HIS SPACE JAM 2 HEIR and LeBron can’t be happy with his response

It seems like COVID-19 is not the biggest threat to the world. There is a rumor swirling around about the potential comeback of the Monstars, as Mr. Swackhammer is preparing another attempt to conquer the world and enslave the Looney Tunes. The mission that was once stopped by the mighty hand of Michael Jordan will be performed once again with the hope of a different outcome.

The world won’t be defended by his Airness this time. People are eager to find out who will be on the first line of the defense when the Nerdlucks strike again. It seems that LeBron James has been “the chosen one” for the second time in his life, as he confirmed the news via his Twitter account, filming himself with a Space Jam 2 cap on his head, and announced the exact date of Monstars’ arrival.

People around the globe have expressed mixed feelings about the decision. Some are thrilled by it, and some don’t consider James to be a worthy successor of Jordan. Either way, it seems that the fate of the world will be in LeBron’s hands. Hopefully, they are stretchable enough. And hopefully, the air conditioning in the arena won’t malfunction (yes, cramps).

People have waited for the reaction from the Almighty Mike. He was the one who felt the rage of Monstars on his on skin. He was the one who knows the recipe of defeating the creatures from outer space. People are waiting for his approval. If Jordan considers him deserving of the role, the world will be more optimistic about the end result.

What everyone was hoping to happen, ended up not happening. Jordan didn’t give his blessings to James. MJ proposed someone else for this demanding role. He picked Blake Griffin as his preferred player to stand up to Mr. Swackhammer and his vassals.Β 

His choice wowed people. It seems that the overall feeling around the world is that Griffin isn’t good enough to win the most important game ever – LeBron is the overall no.1 pick for that mission.

It’s hard to say what is the reasoning behind Jordan’s choice. We can assume many things, but the only connection between him and Blake Griffin is through his brand Air Jordan. Is that a good enough of a reason to pick Griffin? It doesn’t sound sufficient to me. This was probably yet another way to take a stab at LeBron. Or Michael comes out of retirement once again. That would be cool.