MJ and Nique put on a show at Magic Johnson’s All-Star game in 1989

MJ and Nique put on a show at Magic Johnson’s All-Star game in 1989

Magic Johnson’s Midsummer Night’s Magic All-Star game was a real treat for every basketball fan out there. The people who were involved in the game at the Forum were able to see a lot of great moves and Magic proved to be a phenomenal host.

That day it was a sellout crowd at the Forum, and Johnson’s white team defeated the blue team, 189-176. The game was organized for the benefits of the United Negro College Fund.

“Everyone involved with this game has been great,” said Spike Lee, film producer and creator of the summer movie hit, ‘Do the Right Thing.’

Michael Jordan, who started on Magic’s team and scored 49 points, said the game is special to all of the players involved.

This is a great benefit because the players are having fun while raising money, Jordan said.

The game also unites the players of the league and gives them a chance to have fun together.

The game featured 20 all-stars who found themselves doing things they would typically avoid during the regular season. Jordan and his teammate Charles Barkley greeted each other before the game by breaking down in into three-point football stances.

There were a lot of celebrities in the crowd including a boxing trio of Mike Tyson, Thomas Hearns, and Sugar Ray Leonard sitting courtside.

There were many highlights in the dazzling, dunk-filled, no-defense game. The points came in such rapid-fire succession that game announcer Lawrence Tanner credited an early twisting dunk by Clyde Drexler to Dominique Wilkins. The last two minutes turned into a can-you-top-this dunking contest between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins.

I wanted to end the game like a game has never been finished before, and the crowd really enjoyed it, Johnson said.

Magic Johnson said before he had to call players to play in his game while now players are urging him to participate. “Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this weekend being as big as it is. Everyone came here to help other people.”

As it often happens, MJ stole the show providing fans a taste of his leaping ability when he showcased some of his most prominent dunks like the one when he took off from the free-throw line.