Mike D’Antoni believes the Rockets need to shot more threes if they want to win games

Mike D’Antoni believes the Rockets need to shot more threes if they want to win games

The Houston Rockets can’t find their rhythm all season long, and things are not looking good for them lately. After introducing a small ball lineup, the Rockets had a fair amount of success and actually looked good as a team, which is quite surprising if you watched them earlier this season. However, they lost the last four games, and once again, there are a lot of questions marks around this team and their capability to win an NBA championship.

After last night’s blowout loss at home against the Orlando Magic, Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni talked about the situation, they are currently going through as a team. After playing really good basketball for a couple of weeks, they lost a few games against teams that are not top tier in the league right now, which is a good reason for concern.

“It’s funny because eight days ago we were rolling and all of a sudden the bottom fell out. We started looking for answers, and we’ll find them. We’ll get through this.”

The Rockets heavily rely on their shooting, and if they have an efficient night shooting the ball, they are almost unstoppable. On the other hand, when teams limit them and exploit their weaknesses, it’s evident they will not get far in the playoffs against better teams in the western conference. D’Antoni believes the team passed up on a lot of three-point shots, which eventually hurt their chances of winning. The Rockets are really reliant on this game plan, and D’Antoni thinks the Rockets should shoot even more.

“We’re second-guessing a lot. Passing up 3s and we’re driving in ’cause we missed so many 3s now everybody says let’s drive that’s what they did. They stay inside, and you’ve got 25 turnovers. This is what most people don’t understand is that we need to take the shots, take the 3s. Even if we miss it, so be it, but we need to play the way we play.”

The Rockets are currently 5th seeded in the western conference with a tough schedule until the end of this season. D’Antoni concluded that they are looking for answers as a team and how they are not worried that they will find them. Whether that is true or not, it will be interesting to see how the regular season unfolds for this team. When Harden and Westbrook play well, usually, Rockets win those games, but other teammates will need to step if they want to win more games and have the best position possible heading into the playoffs.