MICHAEL PORTER Jr. RESPONSE TO Damian Lillard’S criticism for calling out his coach

MICHAEL PORTER Jr. RESPONSE TO Damian Lillard’S criticism for calling out his coach

A few days ago, Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. commented on the coaching staff for not involving other guys in the Nuggets offense. This sparked some controversy and initiated a series of negative feedback from other star players, that pretty much said Porter Jr. was too young and inexperienced to make such comments. Damian Lillard was one who was very vocal about the comments Porter Jr. made because essentially, it brings a lot of negative energy within the team trying to keep their playoff hopes alive.

After last night’s surprising win against the Clippers, Porter Jr. talked with the reporters about the game and addressed the comments made by Lillard and some other players. It seems Porter realized he made a mistake and said he didn’t want to be disrespectful in any way, shape, or form but just wanted to emphasize that the Nuggets needed to change things up if they’re going to have a chance of potentially beating the Clippers.

I stand by what I say. I didn’t mean it in any type of disrespectful way. Coaches and my teammates they all know that. We talked as a team, and we were on the same page coming into today. But Dame and those guys, I respect all those guys, especially those superstars in the league talking to a young guy like me, you want to listen and not have an ego and think you are always right. Everybody has their opinion, but that was blocked out for today, and everybody was on the same page.

Michael Porter Jr.

Luckily for the Nuggets, they were able to pull off a win last night against the Clippers, and it was none other than Porter Jr. who made a crucial three-pointer in crunch time to seal the win. He obviously learned a lesson, and it seems the team is now in good spirits heading into game 6, which will be a must-win for the Nuggets if they want to advance to the western conference finals.