Michael Porter Jr. on Nikola Jokic: “He’s like Giannis, he doesn’t view himself as a superstar”

Michael Porter Jr. on Nikola Jokic: “He’s like Giannis, he doesn’t view himself as a superstar”

Michael Porter Jr. claims Nikola Jokic is a unique player, and he even said his teammate is similar to another NBA superstar. The Denver Nuggets young star had a breakout year last season, and he shares it has got a lot to do with The Joker.

Nikola Jokic is like Giannis

When he made a guest appearance in the podcast hosted by Tommy Alter and JJ Reddick, MPJ was asked his initial thoughts on Jokic. Like any other players who have not watched or heard how Jokic plays, any discussion around his dominance would raise some eyebrows. For Porter Jr., he could not believe The Joker would be starting ahead of another teammate Mason Plumlee. However, Nikola’s player comparison has changed, and MPJ had Giannis in mind when discussing similarities in how the games are played. 

“He’s more just like almost like Giannis just like take it day by day game by game. Even if I have a bad game i’m gonna be the same dude. I really don’t care that much I have a great game. I’m not gonna get arrogant like I’m gonna be the same dude. Like so that’s what I respect about Joker the most because he just is he doesn’t even view himself as like a superstar.”

Michael Porter Jr. via The Old Man and The Three

The comparison is more on the attitude side. Physical-wise, the difference between Antetokounmpo and Jokic is vast. The Greek Freak is long, strong, and fast while Jokic plays at his own pace, can shoot from the outside, and involves his teammates more. However, as mentioned, both act like they are not superstars in the league. They carry themselves well, which is more fitting while winning MVPs and transforming their teams into contenders.

Jokic, Nuggets still searching for the right formula

Like Giannis, Nikola Jokic hopes to win one for the Denver Nuggets the old school way. He has been with the Nuggets for six years. At 26 years old, Nikola is just about to enter his prime years, and Denver will have to make sure they provide enough support for their MVP. 

Since Jamal Murray will be out nursing an injury, MPJ has stepped up and provided some glimpse of his potential. He averaged 19 points per game last season, from just averaging nine points two years ago. The increased playing time and the trust given to him by the coaching team have played their part. But, make no mistake about it, Nikola Jokic’s humility and business-like approach to games contributed significantly to Porter Jr.’s growth as a player.