Michael Jordan’s not so memorable performance at the 1990 three-point contest

Michael Jordan pretty much won everything he could in the NBA; however, there is one surprising thing he couldn’t win, and it’s crazy that he even tried because it was something he wasn’t so skilled in early in his career.

Back in 1990, Jordan tried out in the three-point contest after the won pretty much all of the individual awards. Jordan was one of the most competitive players in NBA history, so it comes as no surprise that he thought he would be able to win.

Unfortunately for Jordan, shooting from a distance was never his thing, and in that contest, he had some pretty fierce competition. Other participants were none other than Larry Bird, Craig Ehlo, Bobby Hansen, Craig Hodges, Reggie Miller, Mark Price, and Jon Sunvold.

You will recognize some of these names and immediately see that some of them are big-time names when it comes to shooting the ball.

Jordan came into the contest shooting a solid 39 percent from the three-point land; however, he was able to score only 5 points in a direct matchup with his teammate Craig Hodges who scored 20 points and completely overshadowed Jordan’s performance.

The contest was eventually won by Hodges, while Jordan’s performance will be remembered as one of the worst in NBA history. Detlef Schrempf is the only other player who scored 5 points, and he did it back in 1988.

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