Michael Jordan to appear in Space Jam 2

Michael Jordan to appear in Space Jam 2

The original Space Jam movie from 1996, featuring the legendary Michael Jordan in the starring role, is widely recognized as one of the most iconic basketball movies ever. The combination of numerous NBA stars and the Looney Tunes cartoon characters created a hit for all generations. So when it was announced a few years ago that the sequel featuring LeBron James is in the making, it created anticipation from numerous fans in the world. LeBron’s move to LA went far beyond basketball reasons, as he wanted to move into Hollywood slowly, and now we are ready to see the first movie with James in the spotlight.

We are only two months away from the movie being released, and numerous details about the plot and cast are being leaked. Some of the NBA and WNBA stars to be a part of the movie alongside LeBron James are apparently Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson, Diana Taurasi, and Nneka Ogwumike. But the most notable rumor of an appearance has been the legendary Michael Jordan making a cameo.

The famous actor Don Cheadle, who is also a part of the cast, revealed a short, but intriguing statement regarding MJ’s appearance and role in the movie:

“Michael Jordan is in the movie…. but not in the way you’d expect it.”

Don Cheadle, via Access

So it is looking like we will see Michael Jordan in the Space Jam sequel, but most likely in a very small or animated role. But still, never the less seeing just a blink of the star of the original movie will be a great addition to the new movie. The only concern fans are speculating is that Cheadle was playing with words, as actor Michael B. Jordan is also rumored to be a part of the cast, as that could be the Jordan Don was referring to. Hopefully, that isn’t the case, but we will have to wait for July 14th to see.