Michael Jordan: There is no such thing as the number 1 player ever

Michael Jordan: There is no such thing as the number 1 player ever

It’s almost impossible to determine who is the greatest player of all-time in the NBA, and these preferences are usually really subjective based on what people saw and the amount of inspiration some players possibly had on them. In the eyes of the many casual fans and NBA analysts, Michael Jordan is the greatest to ever do it, mostly because of the impact he had on the game and winning pretty much everything a player can win.

However, Jordan himself doesn’t share the views of fans that he is the greatest basketball player ever, or that you can also measure someone’s greatness simply because different eras had different rules. Jordan is aware these types of debates are caused by the media in order to create hype so they can sell more stories.

“I beg to differ.  You will never go to say who is the greatest of all-time. To me, that is more for PR and more for selling stories and getting the hype. I never played against Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and to now say one is greater than the other is being a little bit unfair. I think is when you see the similarities and understand this is one way to judge how much impact each change evolved the game. “

Jordan also believes a number of championships as one of the main achievements to measure someone’s greatness is completely false and he used the example of him in comparison to Bill Russell who is the ultimate lord of the rings.

“I won six championships and Bill Russell won eleven. Does that make Bill Russell better than me or make me better than him. Of course no because we played in a different era. So when you try to equate who is the greatest of all time it’s an unfair choice. “

Even though it might be unfair to other great players throughout history to call Jordan the best to ever do it, you can definitely say he made the most impact and pretty much helped globalize the sport and made it what it is today. Jordan was also fortunate enough to be in an era that started with the process of bringing NBA to the rest of the world more than before and Jordan definitely used that opportunity and made the best out of it.