Michael Jordan talks about the possibility of playing a point guard back in 1989

Michael Jordan talks about the possibility of playing a point guard back in 1989

Michael Jordan is portrayed as the best to do it in NBA history and set a benchmark for every shooting guard coming to the league. His versatility and incredible basketball IQ was evident from his UNC days, and it just translated well when he became a pro. His versatility and ability to control the offense was apparent during the 1988/89 season when Jordan started as a point guard for the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan was unhappy with the lack of help he is getting from other players on offense. He arranged a meeting with Doug Collins, head coach of the Bulls during that time, and they decided Jordan would play as a point guard for the remainder of the season. The result was astonishing, and Jordan recorded ten triple-doubles in eleven games. His averages during that 11-game streak were 33.6 points, 11.4 assists, and 10.8 rebounds.

In one of the interviews later that season, Jordan talked about the possibility of actually playing the point guard role even more and said he was open to that option. He believed that to make that type of a decision, the Bulls would have to see if this would benefit them in winning more games.

“I’m waiting until the end of the season actually to see how much we prosper from it. It’s still kind of early, and if we win 50 games and do better than we did last year will consider it. I think it does a lot to take some of the burden of me playing the point guard position. If Chicago wants me to be the leader on the floor, I can do it better from the point guard position. But also it depends on what we can do in the draft too.”

At the beginning of the following season, the Bulls drafted B.J. Armstrong, who later got inserted into their starting lineup. After that brief stint, Jordan rarely played the point guard position again, but for those 11 games, he proved he was up for the challenge and could orchestrate the Bulls offense. It would be interesting to see how his career would turn out to be if he decided to play the point guard position for the rest of his career.