Michael Jordan – He Did It Again!

Michael Jordan – He Did It Again!

What was Jordan thinking? Was he thinking about his innumerable heroic deeds? The game-winner, with whom he clinched the NCAA championship in favor of North Carolina in 1982? Or “The Shot”, which brought the Bulls into the second playoff round in 1989, as he broke the heart of the Cavaliers and Craig Ehlo and it was at the same time Jordan’s first ever playoff game winner?

But maybe number 23 was also thinking of what he would expect at the end of his journey. About the Larry O’Brien Trophy. How he and the Bulls defeated Magic’s Lakers in 1991, capturing the trophy as if he’d never give it back. Maybe he was also thinking about how he dominated Clyde Drexler and the Blazers in 1992.

Also, about the championship against Phoenix, Chicago’s first three-peat, Jordan could come up with. Or the tears after the title of 1996, the title Chicago ensured just on Father’s Day, the day on which Jordan especially thought of his three years earlier murdered Father James and after the triumph, overflowing tears on the floor of the United Center, and later in the locker room.

Maybe MJ was also considering bringing another teammate into play. Like the year before, when he served Steve Kerr to the key game-winner for the championship. Maybe Jordan was not thinking anything.

Anyway: Now you could try to describe the following seconds reasonably appropriate – and find no more appropriate words than Bulls commentator Neil Funk: “12 seconds … 11 … 10. Jordan, Jordan, a drive, hangs … fires … SCORES! HE SCORES! The Bulls lead 87:86 with five and two-tenths left, Oh my goodness … oh, my goodness!

He did it again! Michael Jordan had a game, a finals series decided. Of course, also because John Stockton missed the three for the possible victory of Jazz. Of course, because he gave Bryon Russell a little push shortly before the decisive shot. Some talk about offensive foul, others about the cleverness of G.O.A.T.

Anyway, Jordan is at the top again. Five fingers of his left hand, one of his right. 6! 6 titles have won Michael Jeffrey Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the last eight years. MJ led the team six times and has been named Finals MVP six times.

Finally, Jordan scored 45 points and hit this one last shot. This last marks the perfect end to an outstanding career. This very last shot in the jersey of the Chicago Bulls, which makes Jordan’s legend even more impressive.