Metta World Peace shares why he prefers Kobe taking the last shot in a game instead of Tracy McGrady

Metta World Peace shares why he prefers Kobe taking the last shot in a game instead of Tracy McGrady

When you think of players, you would trust to take the last shot and win you a game, and a few names pop into mind. Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady are most definitely on that list.

Kobe Bryant’s clutchness and mentality have been notorious in the NBA world, as he was the fear of every defense in clutch moments for years. You just knew he would go and create himself a shot he can hit no matter how many defenders were on him. You just had to do the best you can and hope for him to miss it. 

On the other side, Tracy maybe is in the background of conversations of the most clutch performers because of injuries slowing him down and stopping him from showing his full abilities. But he was dangerous with his size and ability to take you the rim with his explosiveness or just pulling up from anywhere, using his size advantage not to be disturbed by defenders contesting him.

Metta World Peace had the privilege of playing alongside both of these guys, as we asked him in our recent podcast with him, to compare the two greats and who he would have take the last shot:

“I mean you always gonna go with Kobe because Kobe had five rings and you’re just going by the numbers…Now, in their prime it’s hard, they was really good. Tracy got hurt, so with Tracy, you know his back and his knees were so bad it just gave out early so you didn’t really get a chance to see how great Tracy was, but obviously, he’s a Hall-of-Famer. Obviously, he played very well but it was just hard because he was so injured he couldn’t move towards the end of his career, so that really hurt him a lot.”

Metta World Peace, via Basketball Network

Metta shares the opinion of probably many fans that Kobe would be the go-to guy between the two because of his illustrious career. But still, he knows how good Tracy was, as he is sure that if he managed to stay healthy during his career, it would be tough to choose between the two. All in all, you cannot go wrong with either one, as they are both on the list of the best scorers in the history of the NBA.