Melo’s (r)evolution

Melo’s (r)evolution

Portland Trail Blazers had a rough and challenging start of the season. Roster changes heavily impacted on team’s chemistry, which resulted in poor performance and many unexpected losses, like the one against the Warriors, for example. However, everything changed when the Blazers announced the signing of Carmelo Anthony. Melo brought new energy to Rip City, which is celebrating 50 years since the Blazers franchise was established in Portland.

The Blazers were struggling on both ends of the floor since Zach Collins injured left shoulder versus Mavericks. In addition, Nurkić was out, Pau Gasol (now already waived by Blazers) was out, Whiteside played poorly and had some health problems, and Anthony Tolliver was just not good enough to play as a starting PF. The Blazers needed an urgent change. Melo seems to be a perfect fit because the Blazers were looking for an experienced PF that can help CJ and Dame.

Melo’s acquisition seemed to be a turning point of the season. The Blazers got more confident at the offensive end. Anthony brings security to the young team and can also help in the development process of many young talents that the Blazers have on their roster. Since his arrival, Portland is 3-3. Last week Melo played a pivotal role in a perfect 3-0 week for the Trail Blazers.

His performances during the last week were good enough (22,3 points, 7,7 rebounds and 2,7 assists per game) to secure him NBA Western Conference Player of the week honor. This was his first award since March 2014. Good old Melo is back, and he is hungry for more good basketball.

It seems that all NBA fans can once more enjoy in Melo’s performances. The Trail Blazers fans can be excited because Melo has shown that the team is competitive again and may reach the playoffs, something that was unimaginable even two weeks ago with poor score and mediocre performances. Collins and Nurkić can fully recover from their injuries and are expected to join the team before the regular season ends. With both big men healthy and back in rotation, the Trail Blazers can be considered as real contenders for the Championship.

And lastly, if you have not yet acquired Melo in your NBA Fantasy League, you should do so immediately or trade for him if he is already a member of the opposing team.