MELO ON J.R. SMITH “He was shooting from half-court in high-school”

MELO ON J.R. SMITH “He was shooting from half-court in high-school”

Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith are more than just teammates. Sure they played together a total of ten seasons on two different teams as the two reunited in New York after their Denver days.

But Carmelo is also the godfather to JR’s children. An honor him and Chris Paul share respectively. Moreover, Carmelo seemed to be there for JR when a lot of people disregarded him.

Given Melo’s relationship with LeBron, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out it was Melo who told LeBron J.R. would be a good fit with him in Cleveland. The Cavs GM at the time, David Griffin, wasn’t enthusiastic about bringing JR to the Cavs. But LeBron stepped in and said it was on him to make sure Smith is on his best behavior. Ok, he may have thrown a soup here or there, but overall J.R. was on his best behavior and came up big in a few crucial playoff games.

In a recent interview with J.J. Reddick, Carmelo opened up about his relationship with J.R. Smith and explained how he was the one who initially recruited him to the Nuggets after the 2004 NBA All-Star Weekend in Denver.

“I just remember, like, needing someone like that. I need a two-guard that is explosive, jumping out of the gym, and I was already a fan of J.R. I went to his McDonalds’ games, and I’m like, who is this kid? “

Carmelo Anthony, “The Old Man and the Three”

Melo also reminisced on the crazy type of play J.R. was exposing his fans to even in high-school, as he described some of the stuff he was doing at the time.

That’s about as JR as things can get.