McGrady: Kobe could score 100 in a game in today’s NBA

McGrady: Kobe could score 100 in a game in today’s NBA

Kobe Bryant is one of the best scorers in NBA history, as his peers, Tracy McGrady and Paul Pierce spoke on ESPN’s The Jump on their opinion on the game today, the crazy stats and how Kobe would do in today’s era.

Tracy implied how before it was harder to score because of the hand-checking and how the game sped up, as he thinks that there’s a lot in favor for the offensive player.

So why are stats getting bigger and records being broken? Some think it is because players today care a lot more about it and made it their goal to achieve a certain amount of points or other statistics.

Paul Pierce didn’t agree with that as he used the example of Wilt Chamberlain and his unbelievable stats from his era.

McGrady then took it a step further: “I believe, in today’s game, Kobe could score 100. I think he could,”

Pierce added his opinion on the situation: “Maybe he could. But now, [I believe] nobody [will score 100].”

Tracy used the example of James Harden and how hard he is to stop without fouling him while adding how would you then stop Kobe:

“If you can’t touch [Harden], he’s taking all these threes – you can’t come in his face. How are you going to stop him?”

McGrady has a point as Harden is consistently living on the free-throw line, while if he played 15-20 years ago or more he definitely wouldn’t be getting the number of calls he is getting today.

It just starts the debate if players today are just more talented and better then before or has the game changed in favor of the players and records are being broken because of the speed of the game.