MATT BARNES STILL HASN’T PICKED UP HIS RING “I’m going to come to the game and pick it up”

MATT BARNES STILL HASN’T PICKED UP HIS RING “I’m going to come to the game and pick it up”

Some players don’t receive their championship ring being a part of the team they had won it with. Thus their return in the arena becomes the night of celebration and appreciation, as they finally receive a piece of jewelry that forever labels them as NBA champions.

What usually happens is players put their rings somewhere safe, as a constant reminder of them conquering the league. Some of them even wear it while being on talk shows, having their braggings rights on their finger. As it turns out, some still have it waiting for them, not being in the rush of picking it up.

“I don’t count my championship with Golden State. I appreciate the opportunity, but to me, I just had the best seat in the house to watch the amazing team win a championship. To me, that doesn’t count. I still got to get it from Raymond; I told him I’m going to come to the game and pick it up.”

Matt Barnes, All The Smoke

So Matt Barnes still has his championship ring waiting for him – and he doesn’t sound too bothered about it. Barnes apparently doesn’t feel like he earned it, dissociating himself from the label of “the ring chaser.” It seems like his motives for joining the Warriors weren’t solely centered around him winning a ring and validating his NBA career.

Then again, his NBA career wasn’t as successful to the point where not having a ring would’ve been held against him. He was a veteran, trying to bring some leadership to the locker room. The ring was just a fortunate outcome for him.

It sounds like that old school mentality of having to much pride and respect towards the game to cheat it. To Barnes, it was about giving what he had left to the game of basketball and helping a team win by filling in a role he knew he was capable of filling.

However, it’s easy to talk about it after you no longer have that burden on you. It’s a burden that each player can put on themselves, without the public doing it for them. Barnes talking about it from the position of the player who had won a ring raises the question about the merit behind his words and the honesty behind his intentions.

Until then, Matt Barnes remains the questionable ring chaser and horrible ring owner.