Matt Barnes on what made the 2017 Warriors different “We kept our egos at the door”

Matt Barnes on what made the 2017 Warriors different “We kept our egos at the door”

Matt Barnes had been a part of the Golden State team twice: in the era of the “We Believe” Warriors and the Splash Brothers era. He shared what made the 2017 Warriors a special team.

Barnes: “We kept our egos at the door” 

The forward was part of the 2017 title-winning Warriors. The roster was pretty stacked with Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant. For Barnes, winning a title meant sacrificing ego from the players to the coaching staff, enabling a team full of superstars to have great chemistry.

“Everyone kind of kept their egos at the door. You know, I mean the goal was to win; that team had so much firepower, so many stars from our coaches to our players that at least while I was there basketball was what was most important. Winning was most important so, you know, there were games where guys wouldn’t kill but at the end of the day you won by 30, [because] it was someone else’s turn. When I was there the chemistry was second to none.”

Matt Barnes, No Chill with Gilbert Arenas

There was a lot of noise around the Warriors, particularly in 2017. The players had to ignore the critics from those saying that Durant joined the team that beat the Oklahoma City Thunder to Steph and Klay needing KD to beat LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Everyone was focused on one thing: to win a championship, and that’s what they did. 

What led to the Warriors breaking up 

If the Warriors were on the same page, then why did the team break up in 2019? Many thought it was the constant back and forth between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green in several instances.

However, the two revealed that wasn’t the case. Green claimed it was the media that caused the locker room tension. 

“Did we get into a bad argument? Yes. But K would cuss me out all the time. Fast forward, the build-up of everything, the media coverage around it, the suspension – it only made it worse. The s–t continued to fester and took on a complete life of its own.“

Draymond Green, The ETCs

In basketball, all good things come to an end. The Warriors with KD were on another level. Without him, it brought normalcy back in the NBA. Golden State could have built a dynasty with KD, but as it turned out, you can only keep your ego in check for a limited amount of time.

KD couldn’t handle the fact he would never be as loved and popular as Steph and Klay, so he (again) went looking for greener pastures. As Pat Riley defined it, the disease of more always appears – sometimes it’s about money, other times it’s about fame and adoration.