Matisse Thybulle on Joel Embiid: “He has the brute force and he has the finesse

Matisse Thybulle on Joel Embiid: “He has the brute force and he has the finesse

Matisse Thybulle has been a professional NBA player for only two years, but he’s shown flashes of what he could do. A 2-way player who can get it done on the offensive and defensive end, Thybulle is becoming an important piece in the Philadelphia 76ers‘ future, and Joel Embiid has got a lot to do with it.

Matisse Thybulle on Embiid: Joel’s a little bit of a throwback

Thybulle guested on The Old Man & the Three podcast hosted by Tommy Alter and JJ Redick. The sophomore shared what makes Joel Embiid different.

“He’s he’s like a really like a beautiful meld of two eras like because he has both the brute force and he has the finesse and that’s what makes him so dominant. As his teammate, you wish he would turn into a brute force a little bit more just because there are no answers to that.” 

Matisse Thybulle, viaThe Old Man & the Three

NBA legends claim that the current players have turned soft, but in reality, there is a shift in the NBA and international basketball where players use more finesse than strength in terms of dominating games. Embiid plays physically and uses his body to get contact, but he also has a modern big man’s speed, shooting, and intelligence. 

Today’s big men who are dominating the NBA are Nikola Jokic, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Anthony Davis. Aside from Giannis, Jokic and Davis are more complete players so that they don’t have to use their strenght to score. Once Giannis develops a respectable shooting touch from the perimeter, he will create more mismatches and prolong his career by avoiding the constant grind inside the paint. 

What’s next for Thybulle 

Thybulle recently competed in the Tokyo Olympics, helping Australia win the bronze medal. He was named in the second-team All-Defense with Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler, Embiid, and Kawhi Leonard. Such achievement at a young age could only make him a better player.

If Ben Simmons were to get traded, players like Matisse would get additional game time to prove their worth. He may have to improve his outside shooting to help spread the floor on offense, opening things up for Embiid to operate inside. If Embiid continues to produce MVP-like performances in the following years, the only way to go for the Sixers and Thybulle is up in the rankings.