Marv Albert talks about his favorite call of All Time

Marv Albert talks about his favorite call of All Time

Marv Albert has been the ‘voice of basketball’ for decades, and he is probably one of the rare people on this planet that has watched so many basketball games. His voice and pure presence when broadcasting games were another element that added that extra flavor if you were watching the games on TV. His distinctive voice and on-point commentary turned him into a legend and one of the most iconic figures in NBA history.

Last night’s game between the Hawks and the Sixers marked his last game as a broadcaster, and for someone who turned 80 recently, it was remarkable he was able to keep it up for such a long time. After 58 year-long-career, Albert decided it’s time to call it quits, and in an interview with Ernie Johnson, he shared his favorite NBA call during his illustrious career.

A favorite call would be in the 1991 NBA Finals between the Bulls and the Lakers. On the drive, he switches hands in mid-air in one of the iconic shots of all time. That would probably be it. There were many others as well, with LeBron involved. There were Knick calls involved. That one just stands out.

Marv Albert, via NBA on TNT

That Finals game between the Lakers and Bulls was something truly spectacular because it also marked a significant shift in the NBA. Michael Jordan and the Bulls won their first championship after a decade in which the Celtics and Lakers ruled the NBA. With that move and the title won after that series, Michael Jordan finally became a winner, which wasn’t the case in the first couple of seasons as a member of the Bulls. That move by Jordan epitomized an upcoming change in the NBA landscape and absolute brilliance and finesse Jordan possessed that left Albert almost speechless.