Mark Jackson on critics “Only Steve Kerr can judge if I’m a good coach or not”

Mark Jackson on critics “Only Steve Kerr can judge if I’m a good coach or not”

Mark Jackson laid the foundation for the Golden State Warriors and often expressed his frustration with the reputation that followed him since Steve Kerr took over. Recently, Jackson cleared the issue and added interesting insights into his performance as a coach. 

Mark Jackson on why he is not a head coach today

Jackson appeared on the Club Shay Shay podcast and revealed what went wrong after successfully rebuilding the Golden State Warriors. Mark was the head coach of the team from 2011 to 2014. After years of languishing near the bottom of the standings, the Warriors made the postseason in consecutive years under his watch. In short, Jackson did not do that bad, but why are teams in no rush to offer a head coaching position? 

Some teams are looking to get over the hump, and there are also the rebuilding teams on the verge of a breakthrough, similar to Golden State before Jackson arrived. If he could turn things around with the Warriors, there’s no reason he could not replicate that to other teams. For Mark, it was just the narrative that was created against him, but the only person who could judge his coaching skills was Steve Kerr. 

“I got people that’ll vouch for me, right? The one person that knows whether I can coach I can’t the one person that absolutely knows that is Steve Kerr. Because he took over the job right and when you take over a job you knew whether it was a good situation a bad situation.”

Mark Jackson, Club Shay Shay

The former Indiana Pacers point guard turned TV analyst believes he will get a head coaching position one day. As to the narratives and problems in the locker room he allegedly caused, Jackson claimed he is ready to sit down and discuss with anyone to clear the issues. Jackson previously pointed out that Steve Kerr” has been nothing but fantastic to me” and is not the source of the criticism he faces.

Allegations of Mark Jackson’s fault in Golden State

There were rumors about Jackson’s conflict with the front office and his religious beliefs getting in the way of his coaching job. The only thing that can be verified through stats and numbers is how the Warriors underperformed offensively under his watch. Golden State defended well under Jackson, but offensively, they could have been better. After Steve Kerr took over, the Warriors became an offensive powerhouse, among the leaders in the league, with basically the same roster Mark Jackson had. 

Right before he received the pink slip, Jackson made changes in the coaching staff of Golden State. Brian Scalabrine and Darren Erman were axed, and there was a growing belief in the locker room that things would implode sooner than later, per CBS Sports

Whatever went down behind the cameras, Jackson remains a good coach based on his win-loss record and multiple support from NBA stars. There’s a reason why teams are thinking twice about getting him despite his availability, but if there’s someone who deserves a second shot at a head coaching position, it’s Mark Jackson.