Mark Cuban picks Michael Jordan to make the last shot and LeBron James for his all-around ability

Mark Cuban picks Michael Jordan to make the last shot and LeBron James for his all-around ability

He’s eccentric, at times grumpy, and is far from your archetypal NBA owner. But Mark Cuban knows the game, is completely in tune with his franchise and has the capacity to discuss the ins and outs of NBA basketball. Skip Bayless knows it the best.

Now, there are no prerequisites for talking basketball. It isn’t a prerogative but an inclusive domain, available for everyone. Still, opinions of some have more merit, as validities of their takes derive from the trace left within the field of basketball discussion. Cuban’s trace is undeniable, and when he talks about the game, people listen.

Well, Cuban talked. He did a Q&A as part of Web Summit 2020 and was asked about the hottest topic of NBA discussion – picking between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Here’s who Mark went with.

If I want a killer who can make the shot at the end of the game, I’ll choose MJ. If I want someone who will make everyone on the team better, I’ll choose LeBron.

Mark Cuban, Web Summit

Larry Bird did something similar when he was asked to choose between Kobe and LeBron. His explanation was along the lines of if I want to win, I’ll take Kobe, and if I want to have fun playing, I’m going with LeBron. Cuban used the same logic for James and MJ. Michael was an assassin who never shied away from taking the big shot. LeBron, on the other hand, never prioritized taking it upon himself to be the hero. He’s more of a part-time killer, and his focus was and always will be getting others involved.

Mark did the smart thing and went with both and neither of the two. He rose above one of the NBA’s most meaningless debates, showing once again why his basketball takes have merit. Cuban isn’t the one to engage with worn-out comparisons. He isn’t the one to explicitly pick one over the other. There’s so much more to NBA basketball than that, and Mark showed it by appreciating the greatness of both LeBron James and Michael Jordan. By doing it, he paved the way for all NBA fans to do the same.

Mark Cuban, one of the greatest owners in all of sports, spoke up. Listen!