Mark Cuban explains why the NBA is at an advantage compared to other sports leagues.

NBA’s TV ratings are down, but that’s not telling the whole story, things are going rather well for the league, according to Mark Cuban.

Cuban was featured in one of the most recent ‘Pardon My Take’ podcasts, where he defended the NBA’s brand and shed some light on the current situation in the sports viewership.

Yes, the NBA is down in TV ratings but is up in social media following, and streaming. The NBA is also doing the best job out of all sports leagues in terms of globalizing its brand. Just think of all the Asia and Africa tours and the fact that basketball is the most popular sport in China.

The average viewers’ age is much younger in the NBA compared to the NFL, NHL, and MLB.

If you look at our streaming numbers, they are really, really good. If you look at our social media numbers that we’re starting to get paid more and more for, they are really, really, really good.

– Mark Cuban

Another thing that caused the TV rating drop is the fact that the most exciting games scheduled this year turned out to be a total disappointment, simply because the star players are injured. Just think of Curry, Thompson, Durant, and Zion for the most of the season.

We have so many Warriors game scheduled, Warriors and Pelicans games, and they’re all hurt. That’s gonna f*** you up.

– Mark Cuban

Social media is an area where the NBA is undoubtedly ahead of all sports leagues. And while monetizing the minutes consumed on social media is relatively new, especially on Facebook, the NBA has locked itself as an internet leader for the years to come.

Total viewers aren’t really a reflection of anything. No one talks about the average age of the audience; no one talks about the total minutes consumed in social media.

– Mark Cuban

NBA as a league is very progressive in terms of enabling other platforms to share their content. The NBA has grown exponentially on the internet because of the simple fact that the league is not super strict when it comes to other social media accounts with huge followings sharing their content. Think of Ballislife, House of Highlights, and Basketball Network, among others. This fact is a long term investment that will help expand the NBA brand globally and ultimately create more fans for the league.

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