Marcus Morris is considering pulling a DeAndre on the Spurs

Marcus Morris is considering pulling a DeAndre on the Spurs

Player empowerment is great. They actually play the game that makes all the money, they enter the league on a 7-year contract to a team and city they didn’t pick. Most players have one or two moments in their career where they are an unrestricted free agent and can truly decide on their own. But, with great power comes great responsibility and sometimes that means drama.

Remember the DeAndre Jordan fiasco? The Clippers were literally blocking his front door, talking him down from joining Dallas and coming back to LA. Chris Paul was promising he will change and not be so grumpy and yell all the time (ahahhahahahah). Marc Cuban was driving around trying to get in touch with him. We watched it online and had a blast, right?

Well, it had very real consequences for Dallas. After DeAndre committed to them, they continued free agency with that in mind. You stop pursuing a starting center, start making deals with other players. Once DeAndre changed his mind there were no impact players left, and Dallas had a lot of cash and no-one to spend it on. It seems Marcus Morris is considering doing the same thing. 

Morris already agreed on a 2-year $20 million contract with the Spurs, but the Knicks came in with a 1 -year $15 million offer, and Morris is considering jumping ship. The financial incentives are obvious, and Morris does seem like a New York guy more than a San Antonio guy.

Once again, this would significantly impact the Spurs as they made moves to create space to get Morris. Everybody is talking about PG asking for a trade with two years left on a contract, and Adam Silver did express concern about that trend, but this will be equally important for teams and players to address in the next CBA negotiation.