Magic Told Luke To ‘Shut The F— Up’ During Infamous October 30 Meeting

Magic Told Luke To ‘Shut The F— Up’ During Infamous October 30 Meeting

It seems like the disastrous season for the Los Angeles Lakers was set up from the start with internal problems in the organization from the start of the season.

Following Magic Johnson’s surprising departure from the position of President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers, some rumors started to get out about a meeting back in October that led to a heated discussion between Magic and the head coach Luke Walton.

Apparently, Luke Walton was told by Magic Johnson to “shut the f— up” when he tried to interfere and share his opinion during their October 30th meeting, in which Rob Pelinka was also in attendance.

Magic reacted to the rumors:

I think everybody blew that up. They over-blew it. Sometimes as a president, you have to have a tough meeting with a coach. We had a tough meeting. And after that, it was fine. And it’s been fine. I haven’t had any problems with Luke. People think we’ve had problems, but we haven’t had any problems. Just because I want us to be better and I want him to be better? If I had come back, we all had to be better, right? I’ve made mistakes myself. But also too, everybody had to be better. And that’s what it’s all about. But that’s my job, to demand that.

It seems like Magic and Walton never clicked, as Magic obviously wanted him out early, but he was under the protection of Jeanie Buss, who did not let him go. It seems it took a toll on Magic as he couldn’t handle the pressure of handling such a luxurious organization.

Now the Lakers will have to regroup and try to find a way to recruit a star to pair with Lebron if they want to get back on their feet. A difficult task is ahead of them.