Magic Johnson shares his appreciation for Chris Paul’s impact on the Phoenix Suns

Magic Johnson shares his appreciation for Chris Paul’s impact on the Phoenix Suns

Chris Paul is the ultimate floor general in the NBA, but this is something we’ve known for over a decade. His durability and consistency are something many fans probably take for granted, but at the age of 36, you can still say Paul belongs in the NBA elite, and his impact on the Phoenix Suns has been nothing short of remarkable.

In a recent interview for ESPN, another legendary floor general, Magic Johnson, shared his appreciation for Paul and what makes him one of the best pure point guards in NBA history. Magic also couldn’t help but stress out that he is still mad at the NBA for not allowing the Lakers to get Chris Paul back in 2011.

I was at the game in LA when he saw the Lakers coming back and said, ‘Oh let me put a stop to this, and I’m going to take over, and he scored the next four possessions, and the game was over. I love the way Chris Paul thinks the game. He has that Laker mentality, and I’m still mad at the NBA for not letting that trade go through. He should’ve been a Laker a long time ago.

Magic Johnson, via ESPN

Even though Paul didn’t have much luck in the postseason in his career, never making it to the NBA Finals, which is the main reason he gets criticism, he made a tremendous impact on each team he played for in his illustrious career. Paul got injured in the most crucial moments of the season throughout the last couple of years, but hopefully, now with the Suns leading 3-1, luck will come his way, and he will officially appear for the first time in his career.

Paul has been crucial so far in the playoffs for the Suns, and even though Booker is the leading scorer, Paul’s impact on the team is much more significant. His efficiency is through the roof, and whenever he has the ball in his hands, you know immediately he will make the right decision on offense. The Suns are playing great team ball, but Chris Paul is there to navigate them to a win every time they are in the slump, which we’ve seen several times so far in the playoffs. We’ll see what happens tonight when the Suns will have a chance to eliminate the Clippers and make Chris Paul’s dreams come true.

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