Magic Johnson shares an interesting story about LeBron’s dominance in practice and mentorship for the young players

Kyle Kuzma came into the league as a second-round pick but ended up having a very strong rookie season for the team in purple and gold. He’s been working hard on his game this summer alongside Kobe Bryant who is known to have a rigorous training regime.

Now he has a new mentor in a teammate LeBron James. LeBron is still considered the best player in the NBA even at the age of 33. We’ve seen footage of LeBron leading by example and teaching his new teammates along the way.

Kyle Kuzma is often matched against LeBron in practice and that lead to some interesting battles between a young Kuzma and a very experienced LeBron. Magic Johnson recalled a play that happened the other day where LeBron proved he is still the best player on the court.

“There was a play today, everybody knew it was game-point,” Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson began to recall while speaking with media. “We saw him say, ‘I’m about to take Kuz, get to my spot and then I’m going to launch this 3-pointer right in his face.’ Sure enough, he came down, gave him a little fake, and LeBron just pulled it. All net.”

Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka afterward asked Kuzma why he fell for the fake. The young forward simply shrugged his head.

“That’s the greatness of LeBron,” Johnson added. “He’s going to rub off on Kuzma.”

“It’s just beautiful to watch him play,” Johnson told reporters. “It’s just funny how he rallies everybody. He’s like a magnet and everybody, it’s just beautiful to see him think 3 or 4 plays ahead. And you get to just see it.

Exciting times are finally ahead for the Los Angeles Lakers.