Magic Johnson on why everyone in the NBA should be worried about LeBron James this season

Magic Johnson on why everyone in the NBA should be worried about LeBron James this season

The Los Angeles Lakers are the team with perhaps the most loaded roster coming into the new season. Their management realized they must use any means necessary to surround LeBron James and Anthony Davis with the talent that can lead them to the NBA Finals once again. Guys like Carmelo, Howard, Rondo, Westbrook, Trevor Ariza all sound good on paper. Still, it remains to be seen how well this group will work together to achieve the ultimate goal, winning an NBA championship.

According to an NBA and Lakers legend Magic Johnson, the Lakers’ key to becoming the most accomplished franchise in NBA history lies within LeBron and his ability to lead this squad. Apparently, LeBron is in better shape than last year, even though he is not getting any younger. Magic obviously spent some time with LeBron over the summer, where he could see LeBron’s progress and condition before the start of next season.

LeBron James is in excellent physical condition, he is focused, and he is driven. His only goal this season is to win his 5th NBA Championship and the @Lakers 18th Championship. Everybody in the NBA should be worried because LeBron is on a mission!!

Magic Johnson, via Twitter

Without a doubt, the Lakers are one of the leading contenders for the NBA title this season, but there are still a lot of question marks surrounding this team. Even though there is no question, LeBron will be prepared as he is every single season despite his age, a lot of other factors could affect the Lakers’ chances of winning the championship. Staying healthy is the first thing, and with their age, that might be problematic deep into the season. Even though most of the players on their roster are experienced, especially in playoff games, it will take some time to build chemistry, which is an essential aspect of every championship-caliber team.

LeBron’s primary duty will be to showcase guidance when it matters the most and help the newcomers to the team get accustomed as soon as possible. The reality is that because this team is not young, they don’t have much time on their hands to experiment, and the necessity to win now is more prevalent than ever before.