Magic Johnson is interested in buying the Los Angeles Lakers if the right opportunity arises

Magic Johnson is interested in buying the Los Angeles Lakers if the right opportunity arises

The Los Angeles Lakers are in the center of media’s attention in the last couple of days and it’s predominantly because of the turmoils in the organization. Magic Johnson who quit his job as the President of Basketball Operations was hosted today on The First Take and shared some pretty disturbing information how he felt betrayed and backstabbed by Rob Pelinka.

Magic shared several other details that happened during his engagement with the Lakers and answered a couple of tricky questions in regards to his relationship with the owner Jeannie Buss, her brothers and some other prominent members in the Lakers organization.

One of the main reasons why people thought Magic wasn’t a good fit for the role he was given with the Lakers was simply because he wasn’t fully involved with the day-to-day activities within the team. In an interview with Stephen A. Smith Magic said that is partially true because of other businesses he is currently running or overseeing.

Magic is one of the rare players who significantly increased his wealth after his NBA career was over and is one of the richest former athletes in the US. His business portfolio is quite impressive and there are now rumors circulating that he is interested in buying the Lakers from the Buss family.

This is potentially a very interesting turn of events if there is an actual interest from the Buss family to sell the team that has been in their ownership since 1979. The Lakers are currently the second most valuable team in the NBA behind the New York Knicks and their worth is close to 3.8 billion dollars.

Magic Johnson doesn’t have that much financial capacity but knows people with whom he would form a group and purchase the Lakers if there is an interest from Jeannie Buss to actually sell the team.

Interesting times are ahead for the team in purple and gold and from everything that is coming out in the media these days, it’s safe to say the team problems also lies in their management and people making the decisions and not just the roster of players they currently have.