Luke Walton Thinks The Lakers Are ‘Coming Together’

Luke Walton Thinks The Lakers Are ‘Coming Together’

From being an assistant head coach with the Golden State Warriors and achieving huge success there to being the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, Luke Walton has come a long way.

His coaching potential was on display early in his career, holding the fort for a recovering Steve Kerr, which led the Warriors to a 39-4 start in the 2015-16 season, and that led him to a chance as the head coach in his Los Angeles Lakers.

He originally started trying to mentor a young underwhelming Lakers squad into relevance, but now he guides a mix of promising youngsters and solid veterans, with the addition of the best player in the planet, LeBron James, back into its glory days.

Heading the opener, Walton is liking what he sees from the progress of the current roster.

Luke Walton on team’s chemistry: “It’s all working. They’re coming together as a group. They’re trusting each other. You saw the amount of passing that was happening on some of those possessions last night and that’s about trust.”

“Not only do you trust the guy you’re passing it to, but by giving up a shot, you trust the next time someone has you in the opportunity, they’re going to make that pass to you.”

This is great news for Lakers fans as they are showing incredible progress for a team that was just assembled this offseason. It may be the LeBron James effect or the collective locker room culture, but whatever it may be things are headed in the right direction.

James’ addition to the Lakers immediately boosted their chances and punches them a ticket to the playoffs. However, in the deep Western Conference eyes will be on them, if they can make some noise and maybe even take down the mighty Warriors.