Luka Doncic already has a plan after his NBA days are finished

Luka Doncic already has a plan after his NBA days are finished

If you ask me, I am voting for Luka Doncic as the Rookie of the Year based on everything we saw in his first 19 NBA games. He is playing really well and is a making a real difference on the court for someone who is only 19.

The Dallas Mavericks, who are still playing without their legend Dirk Nowitzki, are currently the 8th seed in a really strong western conference. If Luka continues with his dominant performance for the majority of this season, he might end up being in a situation to gain playoff experience which will further help his development.

Every Dallas fan hopes Luka stays with the team for a long time because that might put them in position to win a championship in the upcoming years. There is no doubt their eccentric owner Mark Cuban will do anything to keep Luka happy and remain a Maverick for a long time.

Luka prior to being drafted by the Mavericks was a part of one of the best European teams Real Madrid and he recently said in an interview for a Spanish radio station Cope that he plans to return to his former club when he’s done with the NBA.

“I always say I really miss the people from Madrid because it’s true. All the players, physios, the staff, coaches. They’ve been really nice with me. So, when this is οver, I’ll probably go back to Madrid,”

Doncic won the Euroleague MVP award while playing for Real Madrid and basically arrived there as a young prodigy. He grew up in Madrid and made the name for himself back in Europe probably before he could actually shave.

He’s been out with a right hip strain but plans to return in the starting lineup very soon. It will be interesting to see him and Dirk play together for the first time especially since Dirk played his first NBA game before Luka was even born.