Lou Williams talks about Iverson’s influence on him and how he became a better player in recent years

Lou Williams talks about Iverson’s influence on him and how he became a better player in recent years

In the past couple of seasons, Lou Williams established himself as one of the best role players in NBA history, especially after winning his third Sixth Man of the Year award this past season with the Los Angeles Clippers. After changing several teams in the course of a couple of seasons, Williams found his home with the Clippers and now with the additions of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, he has a legitimate chance of becoming an NBA champion.

This will be his 15th season in the NBA, and when he started his career with the Sixers back in 2005, Williams was honored to play alongside his long-time idol, Allen Iverson. Lou Williams hosted on an interview done for the Slam Magazine and said his game was very similar to Iverson’s style, because of their ability to score the ball easily. Unfortunately their tenure together with the Sixers didn’t last long after Iverson got traded.

“AI is like a big brother to me, and even before that he was an idol of mine. I have never met him but I patterned my game after him. My tattoos were influenced by him just what he represented to the game and who he was.”

It seems Lou found the elixir of youth, simply because of the fact he became much more efficient and consistent as a player when he got older. The proof for that is averaging 22 points per game at the age of 31 in his first season with the Clippers. Williams said the reason behind his success in recent seasons, is the fact he became smarter and completely changed the way he plays basketball in comparison to his earlier days.

Williams no longers plays fast up-tempo basketball, but uses his time to exploit different weaknesses in the defense that is being thrown at him from different teams. He is also very confident by saying that teams now have to watch after him every game because even though he is not an All-Star everyone is aware of his qualities and the ability to score the ball easily.

“When I first came into the league I played fast, I played upbeat, took bad shots. And then like year five, I began to understand the game, and now, year fifteen, I play slow, it’s methodical. I’m gonna get to my spots and you’re not gonna stop it. So, I’ve evolved over the years but it’s always been in the course of being a scorer. I’m one of those people who is not really talked about, but everyone knows that I’m there. No matter how many All-Stars are on the floor, I’m going to be one of those guys that’s gonna be talked about as well. So I look at it like an assassin. There’s a lot of guys that you got to deal with on the frontline, but you know somewhere, there’s somebody that we got to look out for. I’m that person.”