Lou Williams: “Allen Iverson didn’t make me cry in practice”

Lou Williams: “Allen Iverson didn’t make me cry in practice”

Lou Williams is one of the most underrated guards in the NBA at the moment. Just a week ago he passed Dell Curry as the player who scored the most points coming from the bench with 11,172 points which he scored during his long career. Williams accepted the role coming from the bench from the early years in his career when he played for Philadelphia Sixers sharing the backcourt with Allen Iverson.

During his interview on ESPN’s show The Jump, Lou spoke about his early days with the Sixers and how the coaching staff saw the opportunity of inserting him as the 6th man after Allen Iverson returned in the starting lineup after an injury.

“He comes back to the Sixers, I was the starter at that time. He comes back, he takes the starting spot, and he had success in starting and I had success coming from the bench. Some coaches said we should explore this and this has been who I am as a basketball player since that moment.”

Williams also shared more insight into the story that Allen Iverson brought up during his Hall-of-Fame speech in which he said he made Lou Williams cry during one of their practices when they played one-on-one. Williams said that wasn’t true but he did admit Iverson completely outplayed him during practice which involved a lot of trash talking from both players.

“I watched his Hall-of-Fame speech and he talked about how he made me cry during practice and that wasn’t true. But the back story to that particular day is that we were giving him a hard time about practice and he was like I’m doing you a favor by not practicing. And we went back and forth about him practicing. He would eventually got dressed and we battled it out and obviously, he is a Hall-of-Famer and he did get the best of me that day but I stood up for myself so  I was proud of that. He had one of those AI days in practice. He did everything he wanted to do with me.”