Lonzo expresses his doubts with BBB, LaVar calls him ‘Damaged Goods’

Lonzo expresses his doubts with BBB, LaVar calls him ‘Damaged Goods’

Ever since his firstborn son, Lonzo Ball, entered the league, LaVar Ball has swamped the basketball media.

Known for his eccentric and energetic personality, LaVar was initially deemed as a good and loving father who would do anything for his kids. He would often go on record saying ridiculous things about how he would beat Jordan 1-on-1 or how Lonzo is better than LeBron, to get the media’s attention. He soon gained celebrity status as he was all over YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and on numerous TV shows.

This peculiar situation created a strong digital platform for LaVar, which he used to propel Big Baller Brand, keyword tried. The Ball brothers, along with their father and the BBB brand, have over 15 million followers worldwide, this on its own is enough for positive organic growth and sales. However, a series of unfortunate events started when Alan Foster, the co-founder of BBB, and a close family friend, had stolen 1.5 million dollars from the company. Lonzo decided to separate from BBB and went on record saying how the shoe was, in fact, horrible in quality and how he’d have to put on a new pair every quarter.

Maybe they’re all in it, or we simply live in a bizarre world because, despite all of this craziness, the Ball family have their own show called “Ball in the Family.” The show has been following them since 2017 and has been through their ups and downs, more downs recently

On a recent show, Lonzo questions the BBB brand, and LaVar flips out and comes back at him with a sea of insults. Lonzo suggested they change the name to something else that probably wouldn’t remind him of Alan Foster and the whole ordeal they just went through. LaVar cuts him off immediately and says there’s no way the name gets changed as it stands for the three Ball brothers. He then goes on to call Lonzo ‘damaged goods’ and just and regular player if it weren’t for him.

I hope that no father ever does this to their kids. Can’t help but feel bad for Lonzo, here’s the video.