Like it or not, Paul Pierce is LeBron’s kryptonite

Like it or not, Paul Pierce is LeBron’s kryptonite

LeBron James has had many rivalries in his storied career. Among those he battled include Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant. But one player holds the record for most win over James. 

Paul Pierce is LeBron James’ kryptonite

Fans see James as the greatest of all time. Numbers-wise, he is up there in almost all major statistics in the top ten lists of all-time. But that doesn’t mean he’s unstoppable. Let’s say you have to pick one guy to beat LeBron, who’d you call? Probably KD or maybe Kobe, right? The numbers suggest otherwise.

The legendary Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce holds the record for most wins against James. Pierce won 34 games against LeBron, and he mostly did the damage as part of the Big 3 in Boston with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. 

Second to The Truth, the player who inflicted the most losses to The King was Andre Iguodala. The Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State rivalry happened from 2015 to 2018. With Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Curry, Iguodala enjoyed more success in the Finals against James, most notably playing amazing defense on him that earned Igoudala Finals MVP.

David West, Kevin Garnett, and Shaun Livingston rounded up the top 5 players who inflicted the most losses against The King. Two Celtics and three Warriors, although we have to mention David West saw a healthy dose of LeBron while with the Pacers – the three teams LeBron arguably had the most problems with throughout his career.

Pierce holds a grudge against James

Being the player to cause the most losses in James’ career is a notable feat. This could be the reason why Pierce continues to lambast James whenever he has the chance. After retiring from the NBA, he became an analyst for ESPN, and he always delivered disparaging comments on James (that were sometimes uncalled for.) 

The Hall-of-Famer knows he had James’ numbers, and as fans could tell, the beef between the two remains alive. Those Celtics believed they were better than the Heat (and that’s why Ray Allen joining them hurt so much.) Paul was a great player and has a championship to his name. His legacy remains intact regardless if James goes on to become the best or add more titles to his resume.