LiAngelo Ball is expected to sign with the Charlotte Hornets

LiAngelo Ball is expected to sign with the Charlotte Hornets

Will LaVar’s prophecy of all his three sons playing in the NBA finally come true? Lonzo and LaMelo have already proven they are exceptional talents and players with a place in the league, as the middle son LiAngelo has been left as the only one on the outside. But it looks like Gelo will finally get his shot.

The Charlotte Hornets are expected to sing LiAngelo Ball and have him on their roster for the upcoming summer league that is scheduled to start on August 8th. That way, Gelo will join his younger brother Melo and have the opportunity to showcase his skills and potentially make the final roster.

After a great high school career, everything went downhill for LiAngelo, dropping out of UCLA after the China incident, struggling with injuries, and not playing competitive basketball for quite some time, all while often getting ridiculed as the only Ball brother without any game. But now, at 22 years old, Gelo is looking to revive his career and prove his doubters wrong.

The Hornets signing was already heavily rumored and speculated due to LiAngelo being seen working out in their facilities with other Hornets players on social media. This won’t be the first time Gelo has been in touch with the NBA world, as he got signed to the OKC Thunder G-Leauge affiliate back in 2020, only to never play a game due to the Covid stoppage. And before this season, the Pistons would give him an unguaranteed contract for training camp, only to cut him 12 days after.

After that, things went quiet for Gelo, but it seems he has been working in silence, waiting for his chance. Hopefully, for him, this summer league will be the opportunity he needs to finally get some respect in the NBA world and a potential contract. The sweet-shooting stroke and strength have always been there, but improving his all-around game will be vital for his basketball career. If that happens, we will never hear the end of it from the notorious LaVar. Either way, we have some interesting stories to watch going into the summer league.