LeBron’s crazy high school record

LeBron’s crazy high school record

There have been many players with impressive high school records. At that age, being a dominant player really makes you stand out from the competition. Still, certain numbers are jaw-dropping nevertheless.

Lebron’s high school record was 101-6. In four years, his team only lost six times! You’d think he struggled as a freshman and sophomore, but the case is the opposite. As a freshman, LeBron’s team went 27 – 0 and won the state championship. As a sophomore, they went 26 – 1 and won two state championships.

LeBron’s third year in high school was his worst. The Irish went 23-4 and lost the state championship. Imagine that being your down year. As a senior, The King took care of business. 26 – 1 and three state championships. The one loss didn’t happen on the basketball court.

The loss was due to Lebron accepting free throwback jerseys, resulting in him being suspended indefinitely for his senior year. He appealed the decision and St.Vincent had to forfeit one of their wins – this was their only loss during Lebron’s senior year.

Once again we are reminded at the absurdity of the “student-athlete” concept and while LeBron made a lot of people money while playing in high school, taking a few jerseys got him suspended, as it qualified as compensation.

To add to these accolades, he was named Ohio Mr. Basketball all of his four seasons, selected to the USA Today All-USA First Team for three consecutive seasons from his sophomore to senior year, and won the MVP in the McDonald’s, Roundball, and Capital Classic All-American Games in his senior year.

The best part about it is, he didn’t go to a prestigious program. He opted for St. Vincent-St. Mary to make sure he keeps playing with his friends from their AAU days. You may think Jordan was better, but there is no doubt who the GOAT is off the court.