LeBron to Jefferson: “ESPN can’t fire you, you’re my friend”

LeBron to Jefferson: “ESPN can’t fire you, you’re my friend”

We’ve all been killing time with podcasts, TV shows, and watching old games on League Pass. What every fan is hoping for is that ESPN will speed up the production of “The Last Dance,” a ten-episode documentary series following the ’97/’98 Chicago Bulls. That includes Richard Jefferson

LeBron James joined Jefferson, Channing Frye, and Allie Clifton on their “Road Trippin'” podcast, and they all expressed hope that ESPN would release the long-awaited documentary. Jefferson jokingly prefaced his appel with the hope that ESPN won’t fire him when he says, “Release that shit!” LeBron assured him it’s not going to happen and explained why.

“ESPN can’t fire you RJ, you’re my friend”

LeBron James

Most NBA fans are aware of LeBron’s close connection with Klutch Sports and the influence he has on the NBA through that agency. We need to point out that LeBron has no ownership in the agency; the NBA investigated it and found no issue. But, LeBron keeps reminding us that he doesn’t need formal stakes to have control and influence.

The same can be said of his media empire. The Road Trippin’ podcast is a part of UNINTERRUPTED, a multimedia platform for athletes, created by Lebron James and Maverick Carter. Similar to Players’ Tribune, the idea is to create an environment where players can tell their own stories. Warner Bros and Turner Sports invested $15.8 million in the platform, and they have partnered with ESPN on several projects.

So the next time you wonder how come the Lakers can lose a game and all you see is LeBron highlights, or why LeBron’s (lack of) comments after Daryl Morey tweeted about Hong Kong wasn’t received as critical as you’d expect in some outlets, conflict of interest has a part in it.