“LeBron should have nine MVPs by now”

“LeBron should have nine MVPs by now”

Kareem has six, Jordan and Russell have five, Wilt and LeBron have four. But if you ask Scott Brooks, LeBron should have nine MVP awards, and the reason he does not is media boredom. 

MVP awards are about narratives, so when a player spoils us with dominant performances, we start to take it for granted. Other players may appear on the superstar stage, wow us with their performances, and become the hot topic for a season. That’s what happened the season LeBron is saltiest about not being MVP. He had “The Decision,” Derrick Rose arrived as a legitimate superstar and became the NBA’s youngest MVP ever. Reporters say LeBron is still pissed off about that one.

It just becomes absurd to give it to LeBron every year, even though most people agreed that he was the best player in the NBA. Then we come to the fact that LeBron started to rest and manage his effort to peak in the playoffs, and MVP is a regular season award. But every playoff, we would get a reminder who The Kings was. Scott Brooks pointed that out:

“If you guys were not so tired of giving him the MVP, he should have nine of them by now.”

Scott Brooks

This is mostly a comment on the MVP. The debates about what “valuable” means and the limitations of it being a regular season award. It is not a true barometer of who was the best player in basketball in a given season. That’s why more people are advocating a “playoffs MVP” award, to substitute the Finals MVP possibly.

But why did Brooks say this about LeBron? A particular memory that showed him how great James was. One of the most athletically gifted players in all professional sports gets to say his body is his second most significant asset. Brooks said sometimes he calls out fake plays to try to deceive other teams, and when he’s done it against LeBron’s teams, LeBron has responded: “You guys don’t have that play!

If they’re not point guards/primary ball handlers, most players don’t even know their own team’s entire playbook. LeBron does. The way James thinks basketball is the most underrated aspect of his greatness. More often than not, while others are playing checkers, LeBron is playing 3D chess.