LeBron James talks about the possibility of owning an NBA team one day

LeBron James talks about the possibility of owning an NBA team one day

LeBron James is in his 16th NBA season after signing a 4-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. Longevity and endurance are one of James biggest attributes, however, father time is closing on him and his aspiration for other things outside of basketball have emerged.

Apart from being one of the best basketball players in the world, LeBron is a great businessman who signed a lot of lucrative deals with some of the world’s biggest brands. After his career is over, LeBron plans to stay involved in basketball, by owning an NBA team one day.

LeBron is interested in the opportunity of possibly owning an NBA team or serving in a role closely related to the team.

See if it happens. If it doesn’t, I won’t be disappointed in anything I’ve done off the floor. I believe if I wanted to, I could own… or be part of a basketball team. I know I got so much knowledge of the game that I don’t want to, once I stop playing, just to get away from the game.

“Obviously, I’m going to be along with my sons, because they’re going to play the game. But, if I can give back to this league in any way shape or form, and continue to make this league as great as it is today, then I would love to.

Before he plans anything related to owning an NBA team, LeBron said he is completely focused and dedicated to bringing a championship to the Los Angeles Lakers. Because of this goal, he plans to play for as long as his body can endure the stress of being a professional NBA player.

A ton more years to play this game and be in a Lakers uniform. Once we get to that point, we’ll cross that path. Hopefully, I can sit here and answer questions as a player for a long time.