LeBron James still calls Ray Allen to thank him for the iconic shot in the 2013 Finals

LeBron James still calls Ray Allen to thank him for the iconic shot in the 2013 Finals

The 2013 Finals are remembered as one of the most exciting and tight series in NBA history, with the Miami Heat beating the San Antonio Spurs in thrilling seven games. 

But the most iconic play from those Finals came in Game 6 when Ray Allen hit one of the biggest and most clutch shots in NBA Playoffs history, knocking down the game-tying three from the corner after an offensive rebound from Chris Bosh. He would complete the miraculous late comeback and send the game into overtime, where the Heat would eventually prevail and force a Game 7.

Ray Allen was asked in an interview with CBS Sports if LeBron or Spolestra still call him to thank him because of that shot:

“Oh yeah, they do. They definitely do. And I owe them a debt of gratitude for accepting me into the fold. They already had a championship environment, and to welcome me in to help them get to the next level, that’s what true winners do. They always continue to find ways to win by any means necessary. They’re always willing to learn and get better. There hasn’t been a year that’s gone by where either one of them hasn’t mentioned 2013 to me. They’re always grateful for my input.”

Ray Allen, CBS Sports

LeBron is now a 4-time champion, but he knows how vital that shot and Finals were for his legacy, as it propelled his case for the GOAT discussion and brought him his 2nd ring. If Allen missed that shot and the Spurs won, LeBron’s career could have gone a whole other way. So it is no surprise that LeBron still regularly checks in with Ray and thanks him for helping LeBron upgrade his resume. 

After all, no matter how good of a player you are, you always need a team behind you to help you win it all, as LeBron most certainly knows that.