LeBron James showing up to save Team USA?

LeBron James showing up to save Team USA?

What have been the two main basketball headlines the last couple of days outside the NBA Finals? Team USA losing two games in a row and the Space Jam sequel featuring LeBron James finally premiering. But there is a way we can even connect these two events using a bit of our imagination.

After going a shocking 1-2 in their first three exhibition games, losing to Nigeria and Australia, the Americans have shown signs of weakness, fear, and doubt for the first time in a long time. After years of dominance, the rest of the world has started to catch up in the sense of talent. So the Americans sending just any group of their players will not be enough anymore to win every time. Sure they may have some big names like Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard, but even these names are not enough when you don’t have enough chemistry. So who do they need? Of course, the face of the league, LeBron James.

FOX Sports analyst Kevin Wildes came up with a crazy idea that may seem so ridiculous that it could come through. Widles shared via his Twitter that LeBron coming out of nowhere to play for Team USA could be the best promotion for the Space Jam sequel.

Hey, we all know LeBron declined his invite with sound reasoning. He won two Olympic golds; he has 36 years on his back and a short offseason to prepare for next season. But considering James has been out of the headlines for some time due to his Lakers being bounced out early, I could see LeBron taking advantage of the opportunity to be the hero and show up to help out Team USA in their quest for gold. 

It would be the perfect promotion for his new movie, displaying himself as the hero even outside the movie. Knowing LeBron’s business mind and love for the spotlight, you can’t count out the possibility of this happening. Sure it is a far-fetched idea, especially considering his age and the unconventional move of joining a national team in the middle of their preparations. Still, at least we can imagine this unprecedented move happening. One thing is for sure; it would break the internet and be a lot of fun for the whole basketball world to watch.

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