LeBron James partied with Kyle Kuzma minutes before the new Wizard’s SUV got stolen

LeBron James partied with Kyle Kuzma minutes before the new Wizard’s SUV got stolen

LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma remain tight even after the latter was involved in a trade that would send Russell Westbrook to the Lakers. The now-former teammates partied one last time, but it was not the highlight of the night as Kuzma’s SUV got stolen and crashed after a high-speed chase with the authorities. 

James is a class act to his teammates

When a teammate of LeBron gets traded, fans assume the trade has LBJ’s blessing. It goes hand in hand with his LeGM reputation. If there is a roster change or a coaching change, fans think LeBron influenced management’s decision. While it may not be a far-fetched idea, given his knowledge of the game and what it takes to win it all, LeBron is still just a player. Like any superstar, he is included, but not the final decision maker every time. After news broke out Kuzma would be traded to the Wizards for Westbrook, LeBron threw him a send-off party

Based on the photo, it can be assumed that there was no bad blood between The King and Kuz. They won a championship together and fulfilled a promise to the city of LA. No matter what happens in their careers, the bond of winning the title remains forever. As Sideline Sources covered, Kuzma had an emotional message to LakerNation that can be summed up in his quote “I’m a Laker for life.” However, the special night did not end on a positive note. 

Kuzma’s SUV stolen, crashed after high-speed chase

Kuzma didn’t show up in his SUV to the send-off, but unfortunately it made the news. According to TMZ Sports, Kuzma’s SUV was stolen and the suspect led the authorities to a high-speed chase which ended in a crash that resulted in minor injuries. 

The Wizards forward had no involvement in the incident. Although the Lake Tahoe SUV is registered under his name, it was understood that his manager drives it most of the time. While everyone involved are OK and no apparent casualties have been reported, it’s not the best parting memory Kuzma would have preferred. He was partying with LeBron just hours earlier, and then his SUV got stolen. It was weird and unsettling for a player who hopes to have a new lease of life in Washington. Maybe this made leaving LA a bit easier. (Probably not)