LeBron James once again shows off his incredible photographic memory

LeBron James once again shows off his incredible photographic memory

Apart from being one of the best athletes in basketball history, something that also separates LeBron from all the other players is his incredible basketball IQ and photographic memory. There were various situations when we got to witness LeBron remembering every detail of a particular play that happened during the game or something that he just watched. 

LeBron recalled the final play at the All-Star game that eventually gave them a win over Team Giannis. It’s unbelievable how James is capable of remembering every single detail from that specific play. His mind works in mysterious ways when it comes to basketball.

“Coach drew a play in timeout to get a pin-down for Kawhi [Leonard.] He was doing the Toronto vs. Philly game-clincher play where he hit the shot over Embiid. They switched out on AD, and two guys went on AD, so Kawhi went to James.  James drove the baseline and threw it to CP [Chris Paul] in the corner. And then CP drove middle, kicked it back to me. And they were scrambled defensively. For a second, I was about to go one-on-one, which you saw in the picture that I posted of me and Giannis. Then when I saw Kyle Lowry on Anthony — man, I sound crazy calling you Anthony. I’ve been hanging with your family too long they call you Anthony — When I saw Kyle on AD, we made eye contact, and I already knew he was gonna duck in it was just a bang-bang play right there.”

In the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals, James described an entire two-minute stretch during the fourth quarter. He was, for the most part, accurate when it came to the Celtics 7-0 run that was initiated by a Marcus Morris dunk, Jayson Tatum layup, and several mistakes from his team during that stretch. 

These are the type of qualities that separate LeBron from all the rest. He is completely tuned in the game following and remembering every single detail that happened during the game. That enables him to react appropriately in situations that he already experienced, which automatically gives him a slight edge against the opposing teams.