LeBron James on Kobe Bryant’s HOF induction: ‘Happy to be a part of his legacy.’

LeBron James on Kobe Bryant’s HOF induction: ‘Happy to be a part of his legacy.’

The Los Angeles Lakers played an early game today against a tough Indiana Pacers squad in which they came up with a 122-115 win. It also marked LeBron James’s return, and it was evident how much they needed him in the starting lineup. James played a tremendous all-around game scoring 24 points, grabbing 7 rebounds, and dishing out eight assists.

In an interview after the game, LeBron reflected on his ankle injury, saying he is feeling better and ready to take each game at a time. On top of that, he spoke about the HOF ceremony and all the players that are getting inducted today, with whom LeBron had quite a few battles in his career. More notably, he talked about what Kobe Bryant meant for the Lakers organization and how the Lakers fanbase should celebrate this day. Another Lakers great is getting the elite’s appreciation for being the elite himself, earning recognition for a historic career.

It’s a celebration of greats, and you named three of them. One of them being a brother of ours with the Lakers organization. Someone who set the tone for this organization for 20 years, and it’s unbelievable time for himself to look down at the accomplishments he had, for his wife and his daughters, and for his daughter that is up there watching alongside Kobe. It’s a beautiful thing to see Vanessa put the jacket on his daughter yesterday. A beautiful thing, and it’s a beautiful time for the Lakers. It’s a celebration for another Laker great and happy to be a part of his legacy.

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