LEBRON JAMES ON HOW IT feels being mentioned alongside Kobe and Shaq

LEBRON JAMES ON HOW IT feels being mentioned alongside Kobe and Shaq

After their second win against the Miami Heat, the Los Angels Lakers have full control of this finals series. They are focused on the main prize but are fully aware that the job is not finished. Led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but with great support from their role players, the Lakers look dominant and focused. LeBron and AD combined for 65 points, 25 rebounds, and ten assists in game two, which immediately sparked the comparisons with Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant when they played for the Lakers.

In an interview after the game, LeBron said he was a big fan of that duo in high-school. He still thinks they are the most dominant duo in NBA history and is humbled by the fact people are even comparing him and AD with the likes of Kobe and Shaq. LeBron related to Kobe because they both came to the NBA straight out of high-school and, in the same way, had the opportunity to be leaders on their respective teams from the early start.

Obviously, being in high-school and watching Kobe and Shaq duo, it was the most dominant duo that I have personally seen from the basketball perspective. We knew the force Shaq brought to the table, but the elegance and force Kobe played as well. They were very dominant and what they did on the floor, on both sides of the floor. To be in a conversation with those two guys with myself and AD is very humbling because I grew up watching those guys. I admired Kobe obviously because he was a kid coming straight out of high-school. Admired a kid that was young and got the opportunity and obviously the force Shaq played with. It’s just very humbling and happy we can even be mentioned with those greats.

LeBron James

The duo of AD and LeBron is different from Shaq and Kobe, but their impact and dominance on the game are almost the same. Even though they are still a long way from having the same type of success, they are on an excellent path to win their first championships together. That will be an excellent first step in their quest to win multiple titles together, which Kobe and Shaq did almost effortlessly during their reign together with the Lakers.