LeBron James on fans chanting to his teammates: “I heard far worse things than that”

LeBron James on fans chanting to his teammates: “I heard far worse things than that”

The Los Angeles Lakers had a devasting loss to the Indiana Pacers by an astonishing 42 points. Everything was clicking for the Pacers in that game, while at the same you could tell it was completely opposite for the Lakers.

LeBron James was the only one on the Lakers squad with some kind of effort and the will to win the game. LeBron finished the game with 18 points, 7 rebounds, and 9 assists. This was also a game in which LeBron suffered the biggest loss in his entire career and in combination with all the trade talks that involved half of Lakers roster, there is an easy conclusion on the poor performance last night.

The other interesting thing that happened was in the courtesy of the Indiana Pacers fans who were chanting to Lakers players whenever they were on the free throw line.

When Brandon Ingram was on the line the Pacers fans for constantly cheering that LeBron will get Ingram traded. On the other hand, when JaVale McGee was shooting his free throws the fans were chanting how JaVale is not worth trading for at all.

After the game, LeBron was asked by the reporters about fans interacting with his teammates on which LeBron simply said fans are being fans and he actually heard even worse things during his career.

That is just fans being fans. And if you let that bother than you are in the wrong sport. Fans are going to be fans. I’ve heard it all, and I’ve been in rival games pretty much my whole life since I started playing ball so the things I heard far worse things than that.