LeBron James can’t wait to play with Rajon Rondo on the Lakers

LeBron James can’t wait to play with Rajon Rondo on the Lakers

Although LeBron and Rondo had epic battles against each other, they are looking forward to playing together. Both guys were asked about teaming up and according to The Undefeated LeBron always thought it would be crazy to play with someone like Rondo.

“When you see yourself in someone on the opposing side, that’s where you think ‘someday it would be crazy if we teamed up and were able to join forces with that type of cerebral mentality,” said LeBron and added: “He knows everything that’s going on the floor, he knows everything that you’re doing, everything the team is doing, all the strengths and your weaknesses.”

Rondo seems to be pretty excited too, he said: “I’m excited about the opportunity to play with a guy that’s on that level, that understands how to break the game down mentally and physically in a quick second.”

At the time, when they played for Cleveland Cavaliers (LeBron) and Boston Celtics (Rondo), it was one of the better short-lived rivalries the NBA had provided. Now everybody can’t wait to see what they can do together, even them.

“He’s always been one of the most cerebral players, one of the smartest players that I have ever competed against, one of the most competitive guys I’ve ever competed against,” James said and added: “It’s going to be a really cool moment when I step out on the floor with Rondo just knowing the things that he sees and the things that I see, and never having to say anything. There’s not many of us in this league that can actually think and prepare with our minds before we even step on the floor and play the game like the two of us. “said LeBron