LeBron James believes JaVale McGee is an early DPOY candidate

LeBron James believes JaVale McGee is an early DPOY candidate

JaVale Mcgee is quietly having the best season in his 10-year-long career. The often ridiculed McGee is playing the best basketball in his life while at the same time being one of the best defensive players in the league.

McGee is averaging 15ppg, 7.7rpg, and an astonishing 3.6bpg in only 27 minutes. McGee’s defensive presence has been noted by the Lakers best player LeBron James who made a strong statement about his teammate.

After the Lakers win against Portland Trail Blazers LeBron James said McGee is an early Defensive Player of the Year candidate. It was the game in which McGee provided value on both ends of the floor. He scored 12 points, grabbed 9 rebounds and had 6 big blocks. Most of those were coming on Damian Lillard who was constantly attacking the basket.

There is no doubt Javale is having a great season, and it seems he is fitting well in his role for the Lakers. The problem obviously lies in the entire team since the Lakers are not to a good start despite their last night’s win against the Trailblazers.

Other players will have to step up defensively in order for them to have more chances on the wild wild west.