LeBron James and Kevin Durant released a rap song they made back in 2011

LeBron James and Kevin Durant released a rap song they made back in 2011

It seems that the long-rumored, full-length rap song featuring LeBron James and Kevin Durant has came out since it wasn’t available for the public until now.

The song, titled “It Ain’t Easy,” was recorded during the 2011 lockout, and while snippets had been leaked, it wasn’t until the track’s producer, Franky Wahoo, put it on his SoundCloud page last week that the full 3-minute, the 45-second song was publicly available.

The making of the song was initiated after Durant walked into the Spider Studios in Cleveland during the 2011 NBA lockout season. LeBron James ended up showing up and then Kevin Durant had instrumentals that he’d already written.

The track, titled It Ain’t Easy, is a candid take by two of the best basketball players on the face of the Earth, as they detail the highs and lows of making it to the top of the NBA as two best players in the league.

“LeBron James and Kevin Durant came up [to the studio] ’cause it was during the lockout,” Franky Wahoo, whose real name is Franky Stewart, told Noisey. “Originally it was only going to be Kevin Durant that was going to record, ’cause he did music and stuff, but then LeBron James ended up showing up.”

The track, according to Wahoo, was also almost background music for NBA 2K19, but “after months of back and forth, nothing regarding the track materialized.”

There are a few NBA stars who could really test out their career in rapping. This also isn’t the first time Durant was behind the mic, either. He also had a freestyle over a popular Jay-Z/Kanye West track, “What You Need.”

In the years after they made this song, both Durant and James won several NBA championships and even faced each other in the finals three times, with Durant’s teams going 2-1 in those meetings.